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Shops for sale in Islamabad:

Reasonable and low-budget shops for sale are available in Islamabad. The Executive Business Center is a location icon where you can invest to own a property for your startups business and brands. The shop has enough room for facilities and amenities to serve your clients well. The residential apartments at the EBC is a complete package of comfort and ease offered with pocket-friendly payment plans. 

The digitalised grand tower is a business hub besides being a shopping mall of famous brands. Offices for sale are available which have lavish interiors and fast WI-FI connection. The Executive Business Center is built with the vision to provide a meticulous and leisurely lifestyle.

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Executive Business Center Overview:

The Executive Business Center is the project of Zoomline Marketing and a 7-Floor building measuring 1.5 Kanal. It is adjacent to Bahria Enclave‘s head office in the sector I civic zone Islamabad. Executive Business Center Tower is a business hub with commercial shops, corporate offices, and penthouses. It has various amenities, two elevators, a white lobby, WI-FI connectivity, Spacious car parking, 24/7 security, and modern elevation. Suppose you are looking for shops on installment or shops and offices for sale in Islamabad Rawalpindi. In that case, the Executive Business Center is an ideal location and a good pick for you.

Front view with gray structure completed
Slight front sky view of the whole project
Right Side Sky View of the building

Possession Status of EBC:

Our Grey structure was completed in 11 months, and we will deliver services within 7 Months. Bahria Enclave Islamabad has numerous projects, but EBC is the best.

Owner and Developer:

The exclusive Executive Business Center is owned and developed by Raja Javed, the CEO and founder of Executive associates. Zoomline marketing ensures that society stands out regarding services, facilities, and amenities.

The customers are facilitated with diversified services, a business hub, a precious commercial zone, and residential apartments. The exclusive Associate came into existence in 2021 in Islamabad and strengthened its roots in trustworthiness, competency, and commitment.


The Lavishing plan of EBC towers in the capital by Zoomline is a complete package of a boatload of facilities, safety, security, and an abundance of opportunities. The EBC tower is designed with innovative strategies and provides a good investment opportunity.

The development and construction protocol used in high-rise buildings fulfill the legalization protocols, enabling it to attain investors’ trust.

Every possible investor and the purchasing customer has some concerns, any individual willing to make the final move towards purchasing needs confirmation that the property fulfills legalization protocols.

The EBC tower is fully authentic and declared legal by the Bahria Enclave analysis. This analysis report from Bahria ensures legalization as Bahria has a respectable reputation confirming the project’s success and liability.

In designing the EBC project, developers focused on making it a reliable, genuine, safe, and trustworthy project to meet high international standards. Zoomline Marketing is supervising the project of EBC tower construction. Bahria Enclave is a luxurious housing society constructed with modern technology and has legal approval from CDA (Capital Development Authority). The Enclave is a project of Bahria Town.

There are abundant magnificent general and commercial hubs in the sector G Civic Center located in Bahria Enclave. It also offers a unique leisurely shopping experience and grants a mesmerizing view, especially during the evening. The Executive Business Center is the first real estate to offer its customers advanced business portals and commercial hubs.

Facilities and Amenities:

Undeniably, the Executive Business Center is a location icon with numerous amenities and services. The lavish tower attracts investors from each corner of the twin cities. The futuristic project is being handled by Zoomline marketing.

The Executive Business Center Is a one-stop-shop offering multiple services under one roof. The innovative and modern strategies mark the success of the project. EBC is a business trade tower offering luxurious amenities and services to facilitate visitors.

The high-rise building is free from security concerns as it holds documentation and CDA approval. The ample parking space enables visitors to park free of cost and relax in the shopping mall.

The EBC is the location to serve the needs of foodies with its best eateries. It has restaurants, cafeterias, and food courts to enlighten your mood and spark your day.

Launching Details of EBC:

The high-rise building is a state-of-the-art architectural design of the modern world. The EBC offers all the services and amenities that are required for the ease of business ethics. The Executive Business Centre is equipped with innovative and modern development strategies that distinguish it in Pakistan’s commerce industry.
The rapidly growing business trade center offers various business portals and aims to redefine Pakistan’s businesses and commercial sectors. The Executive Business Center comprises seven floors, d the entire structure will be completed within 2-3 months. The grey structure of the EBC tower is complete, and the building is ready to serve as a one-stop shop for various purposes.
Zoomline Marketing ensures the tower abides by international standards and customers get facilitated with all the leisurely facilities. Our top concern is providing comfort to our customers and working tediously for the investors’ ease. The spacious parking lot is available for the feasibility of the visitors.

The vision of the EBC Tower:

The enormous skyscraping Executive Business Center caters to business, shopping, and marketing under one roof for the ease of its visitors. Bringing multiple services under one umbrella saves visitors precious time and puts them at ease.
For the first time in Pakistan, a business hub trade building in Islamabad is being developed, which stands on modern and innovative strategies. It has become a real estate development sector of Pakistan with commercial shops and mind-blowing opportunities for business owners.
The futuristic Executive Business Center has its base in competency, master planning, and innovative strategies. The high-rise building gives a world-class atmosphere for business hubs, shopping, and trading activities. This fast-growing synthetic grand market has top-notch cafeterias, restaurants, and food courts to fulfill the desires of foodies.

Location of EBC:

The idyllic location of the upscale tower makes it accessible to Park View City Islamabad at a 5-minute drive, a 15-minute ride from Serena, and a 40-minute drive from the new International Airport Islamabad. In addition to the ideal location, the high-rise building has all fascinating facilities, services, and amenities that add feasibility and convenience to the world of real estate.

The stunning and futuristic EBC Tower’s premium location indicates its success and makes it undeniably ideal for investment. The Executive Business Center benefits from being in the twin cities most prominent residential and commercial zones. The GT road links to the EBC tower, which makes it easily accessible to Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The EBC Tower is located in the Main Civic Zone adjacent to the Bahria Head Office. Its premium location is prioritized by its developers for the success of the project. Here, you will find a Galleria residential apartment at the back of the grand tower, which will be fruitful for investors.

The prime location of the Executive Business Center makes it accessible to Kuri Road, Chak Shahzad Road, Bahria Enclave, and Islamabad’s new International Airport. The Executive Business Center is undoubtedly a location icon with numerous accessibilities. The multiple-route accessibility elevates the importance of the lavish society.


Nearby Landmarks:

Foreseeable Success of The EBC Tower:

The Executive Business Center is a masterpiece with the potential to impact the lifestyle and bring positive change to the community. The leisurely society holds immense importance for investors as it offers a luxurious business hub and commercial market with numerous amenities.

The mesmerizing architectural design of the EBC is undoubtedly an attraction to tourists from across the world. The CDA-approved Executive Business Center gives its investors peace of mind, which explains its rising popularity. Being a location icon with multiple amenities, services, and facilities offered at a low price marks the success of the grand building.
If you’re looking for shops on installment in Islamabad at a prime location with multiple amenities, then you’ve reached the right website. We offer shops and offices in Islamabad for sale at the most reasonable payment packages.

Corporate Configuration:

The Executive Business Centre holds a respectable reputation in the domain of real estate businesses. The EBC offers an encouraging working environment to its workers. The air conditioning system makes it convenient to work efficiently, and the working system ensures the feasibility of Wi-Fi connection at workstations. For the convenience of employees, spacious sitting areas with pleasant décor in the lounge are designed to enable employees to relax during break time.

EBC tower construction’s objective is to offer a leisurely and treasurable lifestyle. The aim is to provide the latest features matching the high living standards and offer such a lifestyle in reasonable packages. The master plan EBC is attracting residents of Pakistan along with overseas Pakistanis. Our innovative skyscraper business hub, with its outstanding services and eye-catchy affordable payment plans, will attract tourists and purchasers nationally and internationally.

The high-rise building is designed to feature high-speed elevators to facilitate visitors’ and employees for their comfortable movements among floors. EBC has dual elevators, each motorized with an efficient power backup scheme to avoid troubling situations.

Numerous shops are also available at affordable prices with amenities to facilitate investors, purchasers, and visitors. There are two types of offices- general and platinum, both of these offices are available on each floor of the skyscraper building. Our objective is to build one unifying platform with abundant features available for all age groups of different communities.

Entertainment Features:

The grand project of a high-rise building by Zoomline marketing is the first business center and property exchange hub of Pakistan, where all conveniences are accessible. Zoomline marketing has committed itself to improving the confidentiality and efficacy of brands, industrial organizations, and businesses.

EBC tower is the definition of contemporary conveniences, amenities, and facilities. The Executive Business Center is the first international quality standard-based tower in Pakistan and has meticulous facilities and multiple business portals. This well-designed skyscraper covers all things from business accommodations to remarkable entertainment opportunities.

The EBC tower will become a world-class tourist attraction for its lavishing and outstanding services.
The Executive Business Centre provides the best recreational regions, restaurants, open food courts, and spacious areas for parking facilities.

The big vents at the Executive Business Centre are overwhelmed with posh interiors, a lush environment, and luxurious amenities to rejoice the customers. The entertainment structures and international brands offer the chance to cheer up with the global channel spree.

Moreover, here you can relish a more profound professional and lively corporate life with a shopping binge. It has the best restaurants and offers high-quality eateries and food outlets, attracting visitors’ attention. EBC addresses the requirements of its customers and provides excellent entertainment facilities.

Advantages Of Investment in Executive Business Center:

The prime location of the EBC is a significant reason that makes it an ideal commercial spot. The magnificent project has excellent facilities for the retail sector. EBC is suitable for businesses with perfect trade hub facilities and a healthy, comfortable working environment to ensure effectiveness.
Zoomline Marketing passionately introduces a project in the real estate hub that meets the international standards in the market; it will elevate the effectiveness of businesses and give an ideal investment opportunity in Pakistan. You’ll find an abundance of lavishing shops in the EBC tower for sale in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Feel free to choose any shop for investment here without worrying about the availability of facilities, as EBC gives equal amenities to all shops without discrimination.

What EBC Offers You?

Highly safe, secure, and profitable investment opportunity in real estate hub
Elevating profitability as per square ft. rate increases four times a year
Completion of the grey construction
Bring together top international brands at the EBC project
The banking sector is available on lower floors and ground floor
Multinational food brands openings and lavishing eateries are available on lower and ground floors
Completely established residential sectors with modern technologies
Multiple commercial actions on peak

EBC Shops for sale in Islamabad Features:

How do we Stand-outs?

Idyllic offices and shops for Sale In Islamabad:

Commercial Shops for Sale in Islamabad:

The Executive Business tower has become a world-class tourist destination for its top-notch facilities, services, and amenities. It is an attraction overseas for its compliance with international standards. It’s worth remarking on the success of the community. The master plan of EBC tower will redefine real estate in Pakistan and its lifestyle.

The commercial zone and residential apartments of the grand EBC are lavish and well-designed. The Executive Business Center is constructed and supervised by experts at Zoomline marketing. Undeniably, the EBC has the potential to become one of the best commercial zones in the twin cities of Pakistan.
The prime location of the Executive business center brings various opportunities for investors and purchasers. The business hub is ideal for investing in Pakistan.

The executive business center offers shops for sale in Islamabad at the most premium location with mandatory amenities. The shopping mall’s ambiance enlightens the visitors’ overall shopping experience.

The executive business center is paving the way to success through opportunities and strategic planning in real estate. Investors in real estate are welcome to become a part of the business hub at the EBC tower and watch their brand grow.

Executive business center Islamabad is a rich, diverse and inspiring real estate hub bringing different branches of industry under one roof. Zoomline Marketing works tediously to ensure facilitate visitors, purchasers, and investors.

The one-stop-shop for Real Estate:

EBC brings you a golden opportunity with affordable packages for investing in real estate. If you have been planning to invest in real estate, now is the right time to get your own land at the Executive Business Center Islamabad. We value your investment and provide you with. A boatload of opportunities and offers amenities that ensures the attraction of tourist from across the world. Zoomline Marketing frequently visits the high-rise building for quality assurance and fulfillment of tasks as planned.

Multiple factors are considered when purchasing a property for your startup business or residence. The Executive Business Centre has residential apartments and commercial shops for sale in Islamabad at an exclusive location which marks the success of your business.
From ideal location to mandatory amenities, EBC gets you covered to ensure you are in comfort by becoming a part of the EBC community.

The grand and lavish EBC tower at the twin cities is an investment worth making as it’s mindfully designed to meet international standards. The EBC tower is a state-of-the-art society having modern digitalization to facilitate its visitors, investors, and purchasers. The developers have raised the status and credibility of business trading in the twin cities of Pakistan.
For the first time in Pakistan, EBC brings business, marketing, and shopping under one umbrella for the convenience of the customers and a vivid sign of innovation. The Executive Business Center addresses the residential needs of the customers offering various mandatory to luxurious amenities.
The project of EBC Tower, supervised by Zoomline Marketing, is looking forward to creating a hub of real estate business in Pakistan with modern digitalization. It is aimed to cater mainly to real estate brands, allied industries, entities, and business hubs.

Features of Shops for Sale in Islamabad:

Area and Dimensions:

Shops on installment are available in Rawalpindi Islamabad with minimum shop size starting from 291 sq ft and a maximum shop size of 772 sq ft. The EBC project lies in the corner with three sides open to benefit you as most shops get a view from 2 sides.

Rates Per Square of shops:

The price per square varies from floor to floor in the EBC tower. The rate ranges from 21,000 to 50,000.

Cash Plan:

We offer a cash method of 0.5% Rental or a 5 % discount.

Corporate Offices For Sale In Islamabad:

As per the business standpoints, the Executive Business Center offers a fit, spotless, neat workplace environment for communal offices and trades. The EBC pillar has a centrally air-conditioned workspace with numerous amenities and agencies for workers’ comfort.

The Executive Business Center offers excellent services for buyers and majestic infrastructure to certify the progress of their trades. The dependable environment at the high-risk EBC building will help you enjoy and relax while running errands in the mall.

To aid the visitors, purchasers, employees, and developers, Zoomline marketing confirms every workstation has fast Wi-Fi accessibility. The Wi-Fi signals are blazing rapidly to permit you to link with your colleagues.

The international-based trade tower of the twin cities redefines the real-estates in Pakistan. Here, ground-breaking services are accessible to its investors in the most premium quality. It will open gates of international investment, benefit investors and raise the country’s economic status.

Here you can find a complete package for running the business and organizing conferences using the spacious conference rooms, workstations, and meeting rooms. For the ease of employees, lounges are built where they can spend quality time with colleagues.

The services available in the EBC tower ensure every visitor has an unforgettable experience without any discomfort at work. The lounge room, with its lavishing décor and arrangement, provides employees with the feeling of being valuable, at ease, and relaxed.

Zoomline marketing took the initiative to build a one-of-a-kind project to aid in making Pakistan a progressive country in the coming years. The elegant masterpiece of the EBC tower has room for the convenience of the employees.

Offices Features:

The leisurely accommodations at the EBC tower will permit a good working experience. It has exclusive spacious offices, fully fortified conference rooms, practical workstations, and much more.

The well-thought-out structure has a series of unique shops for sale, proposing to meet the needs of multinational companies and national operators. The EBC owners look ahead to the formation of 18 floors of working space, aiming to become Pakistan’s most prominent business hub.

Offices for sale in Rawalpindi Islamabad are available in affordable packages. The airy meeting and conference rooms at skyscraper EBC are equipped with teleconferencing facilities, audio facilitates, multimedia presentations, and many more. Zoomline’ll assist you with expert staff, communication, telephonic services, and mail handling via courier services offering packaging, shipping, and receiving.

Executive Business Center is a platform connecting national and international service providers and brands, offering an excellent chance for startup businesses. You can emphasize your office work and mundane errands of running a business in a towering building adorned fashionably.

As aforesaid, to offer employees a healthy workstation environment free of pollutants, the EBC tower is built as per international standards. Purchasable General and Platinum Offices are available on every floor in prime dimensions and have remarkable facilities.

Final Verdict:

The future of the grand EBC tower is crystal-clear, as revealed by Zoomline Marketing. The Executive Business Center allows you to benefit yourself with great services in affordable packages.

Zoomline Marketing assists investors and purchasers in getting themselves a luxurious community, for instance, Blue World City, Park View City, Bahria Enclave, Executive Business Center, Capital Smart City, and shops and offices for sale in Islamabad.


Q 1: Is EBC a good investment?

Ans: Yes, it’s an ideal location to get an apartment and shop for business.

Q 2: How long is the EBC tower?

Ans: The Executive Business Center is a 7-Floor tower with all the facilities and services.

Q 3: Is it safe to invest at the EBC?

Ans: The EBC tower has documentation and CDA approval, making it secure in owning property.

Q 4: Where is the EBC Tower cited?

Ans: The EBC tower is a location icon as it lies in the most prone location of Islamabad. It has access to Serena Islamabad, the new international airport, and Bani Gala. It connects to the GT road.

Q 5: Who are the owners and developers of the Executive business center?

Ans: The Executive Business Center is owned and developed by Raja Javed. The project is supervised by Zoomline marketing.

Q 6: Will EBC become a prosperous society in the future?

Ans: The success of the Executive Business Center is evident. It is situated at a prime location with a boatload of amenities and services to facilitate investors.

Q 7: Will it be beneficial to invest at the Executive Business Center?

Ans: The lavish EBC redefines real estate, and it is a golden time to own a property at the grand business hub.

Q 8: Does EBC have parking lots?

Ans: Yes, the lavish EBC tower has the facility of car parking. You can park for free both on the right side of the tower and the front.

Q 9: What are the services offered by the Executive business center Islamabad?

Ans: The EBC offers multiple services like architectural designing, construction services, architectural designing, commercial shops, and residential apartments.

Q 10: What is the total area of the shops of EBC?

Ans: The dimensions of the shops vary from floor to floor. The area of the shops ranges from 291 sq ft to 772 sq ft.