Saima Malik
Zoom Line Marketing

“A Person Larger Than Life & A Legend For All Times to Come, Saima Malik.
The Force & Vision Behind Zoom Line”, “ Zoom Line is not a business anymore. It’s my passion. So, from the platform of the Real Estate Industry, we as a team, strive to deliver everything we deliver at an international standard of quality! ” I deliver sustainable long-term growth by looking forward to a new era of growth as we develop more projects. Zoom Line is not just a label; it’s a promise to value each person.
who comes into our circle. I have provided a new dimension to this field by adhering to international standards. I intend to broaden the project’s scope and take it to new heights in order to secure sustainable long-term goals.

We have transformed real estate into fine art, which is why at zoom Line each project is treated Like a Sculpture that is molded according to each client’s individual requirements. My goal is to bring Pakistan to the List of Developed Countries, which is why Zoom Line Offers the Strongest infrastructure in the country yet caters to all the different socioeconomic Classic of Pakistan.
“I pledge that I will be able to full fill any commitment I make and will be able to give you a quality Property and deliver it on Time”.

Raja Javid
MR.Raja Javid
Zoom Line Marketing

I have created awareness amongst the masses as to what real estate luxury living is according to international standards. No one can stop me from fulfilling our pure ambitions for“ The Land of the Pure”. We are here to bring endless opportunities to the real estate industry. We bring you trust, creativity, innovation, and unique ideas and we plan to take that on as our goal.

Let me take this opportunity to highlight the sales of this company which now has become one of the largest and most acknowledged real estate companies around the world. We have been offering services in all sector of real estate for more than a decade and the graph of sales have exponentially grown. The integrated projects have benefited this company by prioritizing the requirements of clients.

Our successful projects have extended all over the world and by the grace of the almighty this company is now becoming the market leader because of the heights of success we have achieved through our reputation.


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The Palm Residential Apartment

Dominium Mall & Apartment

Corporate Office

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