Shops and Offices for Sale in Islamabad

Front view with gray structure completed
Slight front sky view of the whole project
Right Side Sky View of the building

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Why our Shops and office for sale in Islamabad are better than others:

If you are looking for shops and offices for sale in Islamabad then we are offering to give you a life-changing opportunity. Here we have the best commercial shops and offices in the location of Bahria Enclave Islamabad. Investment in the Bahria Enclave can be a great decision for your growing business or brand.
On the prime location of Bahria Enclave Executive Business Center will be a unique architecture with best construction and infrastructure.

Overview of Executive Business Center:

Business Executive Center is the project of Zoomline Marketing. It is 7 story building measuring 1.5 Kanal located in adjacent to Bahria Enclave head office in sector I civic zone Islamabad. It is a business center. We have commercial shops, corporate offices and penthouses. It has all the latest amenities, 2 lifts, white lobby, free wifi, wide car parking, 24/7 security and modern elevation. If you are looking for best shops for sale in Islamabad then executive business center will be a right choice for you. All required and most used amenities can avail here.

Commercial Zone:

Shops and Offices for sale in Islamabad

Book your best shops and office in the prime location of Islamabad.

illustration of building in which, a paper has wrapped and a hand came out with a mobile mockup image and project is located on it in greenery.

Shops and offices for sale are available with mandatory facilities and electric ambiance at affordable prices. The secuirty and amenties offered by EBC gives the purchasers the peace of mind when buying a shop for their brands and businesses.

Shops on installment with flexible payment plans are offered by the Executive Business Center. The EBC arena is not only a perfect place to find your favourite food eateries but also get a chance to purchase budget-friendly shops and offices. You’ll adore the quality time spent in this fantastic tourist spot with your friends and family.

The rising inflation is a matter of concern for everyone and we work hard to eliminate your concerns. Our payment plan is flexible and the low-budget shops at Executive Business Center are a golden opportunity to startup your business. We offer 0.5% rental on cash purchasing and pocket-friendly prices of shops and offices. 

Besides the digital facilities, the optimum location of the Executive Business Center is a lead cause of its attraction. The location of the shop surely plays a huge role in deciding the success of the brand. The Executive Business Center is located adjacent to Bahria Head Office in the Main Civic Zone.

The commercial area of EBC is going to redefine the commercial space of Pakistan, as it has the potential to be one of the most prime commercial locations of Pakistan. 

The EBC tower is destined to be an ideal business destination. Besides being a business hub, its Commercial Area will offer a great shopping experience, leisure and entertainment.

Bahria Enclave Islamabad:

Bahria Enclave Islamabad is a housing project of Bahria Town. Here residential plots of measuring 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1 kanal, 2 kanal and 4 kanal. Commercial plots measuring 4, 5 and 8 Marla. The construction process is in full swing. Its 20 minutes drive from Serena Hotel. All the living amenities schools, mosques, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, parks, and the zoo are available. It is one of the ever best modern housing society of Pakistan. The Executive Business Center is a gated community having 24/7 security, approved by CDA (Capital Development Authority) and its legalization ensures that it’s highly securable. While living in Bahria Enclave you can enjoy affordable and luxurious lifestyle in Islamabad near Margalla Hills.

Front view with gray structure completed
Slight front sky view of the whole project
Right Side Sky View of the building

Executive Business Center:

The Executive Business Center is amongst the high-rise architectural designs of the modern world. The skyscraper features all the services and amenities that makes business ethics easier and plays a key role in skyrocket a business. Undoubtedly, the Executive Business Centre has utilised innovative and modern development strategies that make it stand out in Pakistan’s commerce industry.

The one-stop shop for various services is based on 7 floors and its construction is about to complete. The gray structure of the Executive Business Center has been completed and it is anticipated that the entire building will get its final touches within 2 to 3 months.

The rapidly growing EBC tower offers the most diversified business portals and looks forward to redefining the culture of commercial sectors and businesses in Pakistan. The aim of EBC is to build a one-stop solution for various businesses and services with integrity and professionalism. We ensure delivering leisurely services at affordable rates and our grand EBC tower meets the international standards.

Developers at the EBC prioritise the convenience of our customers and Zoomline Marketing management frequently visits the site to ensure the progress. The feasibility of car parking is available to facilitate the visitors and customers. Besides all these facts, the high-rise building has ultra-modern technology and has all amenities that contribute to the comfort of visitors.

Owner and Developer:

The grand Executive Business Center is developed and owned by Raja Javed, who is the CEO, and founder of Executive associates. The EBC offer multiple services, like construction services and architectural designs to its valuable customer.

In 2021, the Executive Associate was based in Islamabad and established its strong roots in competency and trustworthiness that lies behind its solid reputation in the world of real estates.

In the modern age, the well reputed EBC is ranked among Pakistan’s top five development companies. To name a few services offered by the EBC includes branding construction of the real estate, I.T. Firms, commercial publishing, construction services, and property management of real estate.

Executive Business Center is recognized as Pakistan’s authentic corporation which was wholly made possible due to the collaborative efforts of 50 employees. The vision of EBC is to bring an innovative change in the perspective of the real estate landscape in Pakistan by assisting millions of people. Undeniable, the EBC tower builds a vast economic sector in Pakistan which makes it an ideal platform for investment opportunities.

Location of EBC:

Executive business center lies at a premium location which increases its worth and attracts the attention of the investors. Choosing a place for a real estate project is not as simple as it might sound. As many factors are kept in consideration before finalizing the purchase.

Many veterans and experienced real estate investors prioritize location as it decides the success of the property. Likewise, the developers of EBC prioritized the location when planning to build the society and examined all the pros and cons of the land.

Undoubtedly, the location of a society plays a key role and must be chosen wisely. The EBC is located at a prime location in the Main Civic Zone adjacent to Bahria Head Office. The Galleria residential apartment lies at the backside of the executive business center which is beneficial for the investors.

The Executive business center is a world-class tourist destination ever built in Pakistan. The grand tower is built for the first time ever in Pakistan within an international standard. The EBC Tower Islamabad is a master-planned lifestyle community with a huge scope in the forthcoming future.


Executive business center is located at Bahria Enclave Islamabad, close to the Park View City entrance Sector-I on Road Chak Shahzad. The grand project of EBC by Zoomline Marketing remarks it as a location icon offering a luxurious business hub and commercial market with a wide variety of services.

This luxurious and convenient society has the best proximity to Kuri Road, Bahria Enclave and connects to the G.T road which explains its raising importance for the twin cities. The high-rise building is near Serena Hotel Islamabad, and easily accessible to the Islamabad highway. Hence, bridges the gap between Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The premium location of the executive business center provides multiple routes to choose from for the ease of its visitors as the EBC has access to Bani Gala, Chak Shahzad, and Kuri Road. The EBC tower is appreciated for its mesmerising architectural design, grand services, and ideal location.


Legalization of real estate is the top most concern of any investor and customer. The EBC tower is declared authentic and legalized from the Bahria Enclave converge. Executive business center offers a variety of opportunities to its investors. The Bahria sector itself holds a good reputation with successful accomplishments in their projects.

The EBC tower is an authentic, reliable, and trustworthy project, that is being designed in compliance with international standards. Executive business center is a project being supervised by Zoomline Marketing which is located at Bahria Enclave Islamabad. The Bahria Enclave is a project of Bahria Town which is a CDA (Capital Development Authority) approved leisurely housing society developed with modern technology.

The sector G Civic Center of Bahria Enclave has a bunch of surprising luxurious and splendid commercial hubs. It gives a leisurely shopping experience and presents a mesmerizing view, particularly at night. Executive business center will be Pakistan’s first real estate offering advanced era of commercial hubs and business portals to its customers.

Future of Executive Business Center:

Executive Business Center is a lavish and grand project through which the developers and owners have stepped up the status and credibility of business and trade. The one-stop shop caters from real estate brands to entities to allied industries. We look forward to creating a hub for real estate business in Pakistan using innovative modern technology. 

The fascinating facilities and the idyllic location of EBC make it worth the investment. The best thing about this state-of-the-art architectural building is that it lies at the most prominent residential and commercial zones of Islamabad.

Executive business center is recognized as the most valuable zone in the twin cities for its amenities, prime location, services and future success. Undeniably, it has become a focal point of attention of both the speculators and purchasers. The leveraging development of the EBC tower will give rise to the real estate renovation and eco-friendly activities in the twin cities.

The grand business tower at the twin cities is a tourist attraction, wholly equipped with digital facilities of the 21st-century. This rapidly growing tower is a state-of-art and a masterpiece of the modern world. Surely, it will take a lifetime for a business to generate traffic and become successful.

An Attraction for the Overseas:

Its legalized documentation makes it a highly secured society and gives a peace of mind to its investors which explain their willingness to invest on the EBC tower without any hesitation.  

Undeniably, it has become a focal point of attention of both the speculators and purchasers. It is anticipated that the innovative EBC tower will give rise to the real estate renovation and eco-friendly activities in the twin cities.

With high standards of facilities, mandatory amenities, boatload of services and top-notch cafeterias, the success of the executive business center is foreseeable. The executive business center is likely to become the first most synthetic business hub in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Corporate Structure and Entertainment Features:

Executive business centre holds a good reputation in the world of real estates and the efforts of the developers lies behind this fruitful outcome. Considering the business perspective, the EBC replica gives a favourable work environment to its employees. The system will be fully air-conditioned and the feasibility of WI-FI connection will be rendered at workstations. The availability of spacious lounge areas will help the employees relax during their breaks.

The EBC tower is being constructed with an objective to provide a meticulous and leisurely lifestyle. It offers affordable packages for both the local residents of Pakistan and the overseas Pakistanis. Our innovative high-rise grand business hub will boost tourism and attract purchasers with its eye-catchy payment plans and outstanding services.

The high-rise structure has the facility of high-speed elevators to ease their employees and visitors. EBC has two-elevators each equipped with a high power backup system to stay out of trouble. The lavish project  in Islamabad by Zoomline renders a boatload of facilities, security, and a gold mine of opportunities. The mindfully designed EBC tower is a great opportunity for investment as it cater the needs of the customers.

Both general and platinum offices are available at each floor of the high-rise building. That’s not all, numerous shops are available with amenities at affordable prices to ensure the efficacy and ease of the investors. Our aim is to build an all-in-one platform which is accessible to people of all groups of the society. The legalisation of the grand high-rise building is one of the factors which enable it to gain the trust of its investors.

Entertainment Features:

Executive business center becomes Pakistan’s first international standard-based tower with various business portals and meticulous facilities. The EBC tower is a masterpiece and a perfect blend of amenities, contemporary conveniences and facilities. This well-designed grand tower covers everything from business facilities to spectacular entertainment opportunities.

The EBC tower offers you the best recreational areas, open food courts and restaurants, and spacious parking lots. The Executive business center will become a world-class tourist destination for its grand and lavishing services.  

Executive business center addresses the needs of its customers and offers great entertainment features. The spacious outlets at EBC are engulfed with plush interiors and ambiance to elevate the shopping experience and enlighten the mood of its visitors.

The entertainment features and international brands give the opportunity to cheer up with the best global outlet spree. Here you can enjoy more professional and lively corporate life along with the shopping spree. The one-stop shop has the best restaurants offering the best eateries and food courts which attracts the attention of the visitors.

The grand project by Zoomline marketing is famous as Pakistan’s first property exchange hub and business trade center, where all facilities are available. Zoomline marketing is committed to make businesses, brands, and industrial organizations more continental and efficacious.

Vision and Mission:

For the first time in Islamabad, a business hub trade building using modern and innovative strategies is under construction. The futuristic high-rise building is leveling up both as a commercial and business hub. EBC has become Pakistan’s socio-economic and real estate industrial development sector with the master plan of its developers.

Executive business center is a masterplan offering a world-class atmosphere for shopping, trade, and businesses. The electric ambiance, mandatory facilities and amenities will give a delightful experience to its visitors. Zoomline marketing is ensuring the EBC meets the international standards, we are committed to foster collective prosperity and work to uplift the real estate business in Pakistan.

With high standards of facilities, mandatory amenities, boatload of services and top-notch cafeterias, the success of the executive business center is foreseeable. The executive business center is likely to become the first most synthetic business hub in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

What's in for you:

Pros of Investing at Executive Business Center:

The premium location of the Executive Business Center is a key reason which makes it Islamabad’s leading sought-after commercial sector. The state-of-the-art architectural building serves multiple purposes under an umbrella with excellent amenities. Executive business center is an ideal real estate business hub which assures effectiveness of business and a comfortable environment.

The high-rise building has its roots in twin cities, the era of modernization, and eccentric business trends. Zoomline marketing is passionate to introduce an excellent international standard-based project in the marketplace. We look forward to making a business hub with elevated efficacy which would be ideal for investment in Pakistan. Here, you’ll come across a series of lavishing shops for sale in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Now, choose a shop of your choice without stressing over the availability of amenities, as EBC don’t discriminate between shops when it comes to amenities.

Nearby Landmarks:

Multiple Accessible Points:

The futuristic and stunning executive business center is known as the most flourishing sector in Rawalpindi. The EBC tower is a world trade center where you’ll get all the grand business opportunities to bring comfort.

Executive business center is an ideal opportunity for investors where purchasers can avail a boatload of opportunities. The grand lavishing services at the EBC are a ray of hope to boost Pakistan’s economic development rapidly under one roof.

Possession Status of EBC:

Our Grey structure complete in 11 months and we deliver our project maximum in 7 Months . Bahria Enclave Islamabad have So Many projects but EBC is one of best project they promise and committed to our client to deliver this project on time. End line of project date is June 2023.

Facilities and Amenities:

The prime location of the EBC remarks its success. Its prime location enables its access from each corner of the twin cities, thus attracting the attention of purchasers. Experts at Zoomline marketing are supervising the futuristic and stunning project of the EBC.

Numerous services, multiple commercial shops, and business hubs are available at the business trade tower. The EBC tower is a perfect place for your new business. As you’ll be getting the most luxurious amenities and services to attract customers that abides by the international standards.

The tower is devoid of any security concerns as it has a full-time security to stay out of trouble. The ample parking space allows you to park your 4-wheel vehicles at a secured place and shop around without any stress. The tower has elevators and you can take the stairs if you feel like you need a workout.

The foodies will get their favourite food at the most lavish cafeterias and great dining restaurants. Here, you can enjoy eating in open food courts and sign your business contracts at offices. Executive Business Center is surely an exclusive experience for visitors where they can rejoice their memorable moments of life.

Commercial Shops for sale in Islamabad:

Low-budget shops are available in Bahria Enclave Islamabad. We are offering 0.5% rental on cash purchasing. The most beneficial thing is its prime location. This is located in Main Civic Zone adjacent to Bahria Head Office. The Galleria residential apartments are on the back side of this project.
The name of our project is Executive business center by Zoomline Marketing. Bahria Enclave is a housing project of Bahria Town approved by the CDA (Capital Development Authority).
Make a 100% safe and profitable investment in real estate.
The quarterly increase in the per sqaure rate is proiftable the investors and purchasers. The world’s top brands are coming into our project.

The Banking sectors and food chain brands will come on the ground floor and lower ground. The residential sector is fully developed that lies in front of the EBC tower. Due to residential sectors, commercial activities will be at a peak level.

dressing suit shop

Why our shops are better than other projects?

The Feature of Shops For Sale in Islamabad:

What discriminates our shops from the Market?

Sizes and Dimensions:

Shops and office for sale in Islamabad are available with minimum shop size starting from 291 sqft and maximum shop size 772sqft. This project is corner and 3 sides open you have best advantage because 60 to 70% shops views is 2 sites.

Rates Per Square of shops:

Rates per square in EBC is different on each floor. Minimum per sqft start from 21,000 and maximum 50,000.

Installment method:

Booking start from 40% down payment with 7 months of installment and 10% on possession.

Cash Plan:

On Cash method 0.5% Rental or 5 % discount.

Booking Procedure:

We facilities to our client with easy method of Booking . Click Whatsapp or Call button to share details and also fill form Regarding Project questions. Our Sales team answer your All queries.

Corporate Offices offices for sale in Islamabad:

Considering the business perspectives, the Executive Business Center provides a healthy, neat and tidy office environment for corporate offices and businesses. The EBC tower has centrally air-conditioned workstation with multiple services and offices for the ease of the employees. To facilitate the visitors, employees, and purchasers, Zoomline marketing ensures everyone’s workstation has good WI-FI accessibility. The WI-FI signals are blazing fast to enable you to connect with your colleagues.

The Executive Business Center provides lavish facilities for purchasers and grand infrastructure to ensure the growth of their businesses. The meticulous environment at the EBC tower will help you relax and enjoy while shopping in the mall.

The international-based business trade tower redefines the real estates in Pakistan. Here innovative services are avaliable for its investors in the most premium quality. This will not only benefit the investors solely but also raise the economic status of Pakistan. 

The EBC project by Zoomline marketing is an initiative to help make Pakistan a developed country in the coming years. The well-designed masterpiece of EBC tower has room for the convenience of the employees.

You’ll find an entire workstation, conference room, Meeting room, cafeteria, and food courts to spend a quality time without any trouble at work. The lounge room is perfectly designed for the comfort and ease of the employees. Here the employees can sit back and unwind at times of breaks from work.

shops for sale 1

Offices Features:

The leisurely facilities at the EBC tower will enable its investors, purchases, employees, and visitors to spend quality time and have a good working experience. The EBC is a comprehensive business center with executive spacious offices, fully equipped conference rooms, feasible workstations, and the list goes on.  

Shops and Office for sale in Islamabad are available in affordable packages. The spacious meeting and conference rooms at EBC are fully equipped with teleconferencing facilities, multi-media presentation and much more. You’ll be facilitated with trained staff, telephone services and mail handling via courier services, packaging, shipping, and receiving.

Executive Business Center is a single solution for all national and international brands and services and a great opportunity for startup businesses. Here, you can focus on your office work and mundane chores of running a business in a high-rise tower decked out in a stylish manner.  

The well-planned masterpiece crafted with a series of splendid shops for sale are avaliable to meet the needs of national and multinational companies. The EBC owners look forward to establishment of 18 dedicated floors of working space in the aim of becoming Pakistan’s largest business hub.

As aforementioned, to provide the employees a healthy work environment free of contaminants the EBC tower is built in compliance to the international standards. Offices for sale are available on each floor to ease the investors EBC offers both General and Platinum offices in prime dimensions and amenities.

Payment Plan:

Payment Plan of Lower Ground:

Lower Ground Price Schedule
Lower Ground Price Schedule

Payment Plan of Ground Floor:

Ground Floor
Lower Ground Price Schedule

Payment Plan of Mezzanine Floor:

Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Floor

Payment Plan of First Floor:

First Floor
First Floor

Payment Plan of Second Floor:

Second Floor
Second Floor

Payment Plan of Third Floor:

Third Floor
Third Floor

Payment Plan of Roof Floor:

Roof Floor
Roof Floor


Zoomline Marketing reveals the worth of the grand business tower and its affordability which makes it worth the investment. It is evident that the Executive business center is a golden opportunity for those who are interested in owning property. Zoomline Marketing offers guidance to investors and purchasers about affordable luxuries, for instance Blue World City, Park View City, Blue Town Sapphire Lahore, Bahria EnclaveExecutive Business Center, shops for sale in Islamabad, and Capital Smart City. 

The EBC tower is a highly secured and the soceity is CDA approved project by the Zoomline marketing. It is ideal for purchasing modern-age, innovative commercial shops, corporate offices, and residential apartments which abides by the international standards. Own your property at EBC in the capital of Pakistan and let the success of your business begin.


1. How many floors are there in the EBC tower?

The Executive business center is currently a 7-Floor tower with all the facilities and services.

2. Where is the Executive Business Center located?

The EBC tower is located in Islamabad at the most premium location near Serena Islamabad. It connects to the Kuri road and has easy accessibility to Chak Shehzad. The grand business trade tower is on a 10 minutes drive from Bani Gala and 40 minutes ride from new Islamabad International Airport.

3. Who is the owner of the Executive business center Islamabad?

Raja Javed is the owner of the EBC tower, who is also the CEO, and founder of Executive associates.

4. Is it worth investing in Executive business center Islamabad?

Yes, it is a wise decision to invest at the EBC tower. The EBC tower offers various services at affordable prices and help your brand grow to generate nice revenue.

5. Is Executive business center Islamabad approved?

Yes, it’s hihgly securable society as the Executive business center Islamabad is approved by the CDA.

6. What is the future of the EBC tower Islamabad?

The CDA approved EBC tower Islamabad brings  better investment chances and development opportunities. The future of the Executive Business Center is obvious. This grand business tower will become one of the most emerging projects of Pakistan and will be a tourist destination.

7. What are the pros of investing at Executive business center Islamabad?

The future of the Executive business center is obvious, thus its the golden time to avail the opportunity to invest. Investing at the EBC tower will help you generate heavy revenue and boost traffic to your brand.

8.Does Executive business center Islamabad have its parking Lot?

Yes, the EBC tower Islamabad has its own spacious parking lot both at the front and right side of the tower where you can park your vehicles for free.

9. What are the services packages offered by Executive business center Islamabad?

The leisurely society offers multiple services.  The EBC Tower Islamabad is Pakistan’s business hub providing construction services, besides architectural designing, commercial shops, and residential apartments.

10. What are the dimensions of the shops at the Executive business center?

The size of shops ranges from 291 sqft and maximum shop size 772sqft. The EBC has 3 sides open you have best advantage because 60 to 70% shops views is 2 sites.