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Park View City is set on a journey to create a fantastic livable community to meet the needs of all groups of society. Its has a perfect blend of futuristic and security measures. Islamabad, the only planned city in Pakistan and for various interesting reasons. It holds a special place in the hearts of the Pakistani people.

Here is everything you need to know about Park View Islamabad:

The luxurious Park View City is situated in the heart of Islamabad and has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to the availability of amenities and opportunities which makes Islamabad a perfect location to live.

Park View Islamabad is an accomplished state-of-the-art society that has accessibility and comfort at the core of its design. The lush green landscape of the Margalla Hills spice up the beauty and add to the serenity of this place. 

Choosing a housing society is not an easy task as it requires a lot of research. Park View Islamabad design closely follows the needs of the people and makes the perfect family-friendly neighborhood.

The whole plan is a work of art; with easy access to all the modern facilities. Your daily commuting needs are within a few kilometers thanks to the perfect planning.

Grocery stores, work spaces, schools, and medical centers are part of the grand plan and enjoy easy access. Park View City Islamabad houses a graveyard that will cater to the needs of the residents for decades.

park view city islamabad
Park View City

Top Location Attracting Top Interest:

Vision Group which holds a reputable position in the world of real estate is developing Park View City. Park View Islamabad is a privately commissioned housing society which is leaglly authorized. It is amongst the few residential societies to whom the Capital Development Authority (CDA) have issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC). 

Park View City Islamabad attracts the attention of many overseas investors and locals. The serene natural landscape, premium location, top-notch infrastructure, and rapid development lie behind the increased interest of the developers in this project.

Developers and Owners:

Park View City Islamabad has become one of the most desirable housing societies in the city. Vision Group uses industry-leading processes and excels at designing housing societies.

Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, the senior proprietor of this firm and project director, is a politician and philanthropist. The masterminds behind the state-of-the-art, Park View City Islamabad place great emphasis on modern architecture and technology. 

Vision Group came into existence in 2012 and has already completed numerous prolific projects. The extensive portfolio and quality work are the reasons for the immense popularity of the Vision Group in real estate.

Vision Group came into existence in 2012 and has already completed numerous prolific projects. Vision Group is known for its quality work and extensive portfolio in developing real estate projects.

This group has developed housing societies, apartments, and much more not only in Islamabad but also in the densely populated cities of Karachi and Lahore. 

Vision Group is among the top development companies in Pakistan and it has gained the trust of investors with its impressive capabilities. The inventive projects of the Vision Group include Park View Signature Apartments Karachi, Park View Lahore DHA, and Park View Villas Lahore.


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Park View City Islamabad Location and Map:

Looking for the perfect location to make your dream home? There are a number of factors that make or break that decision. Veterans and professional property buyers prioritize the location, at the time of purchase of the land. Location is a crucial factor.

The ideal location of the PVC remarks it as a location icon. This luxurious and convenient housing society has the best proximity to Kuri Road, Bahria Enclave, Kashmir highway, and Islamabad Expressway. 

It lies in Zone IV of the capital with a backdrop of the serene Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens in the middle of Margallas. Its premium location makes it accessible to Bani Gala and ChakShahzad as well.  

It’s a 15 minutes ride from the society to Islamabad’s famous Blue Area. Park View City Islamabad has easy access to Kurri Road through Malot Road which connects it to the Blue Area. That’s not all, the eastern end of the society leads to BharaKahu and areas beyond through the Simili Dam Road.  

The PVC Map is a detailed sketch of its development plans showing all of the residential plots, commercial boundaries, and civic amenities that lies within the society.

PVC enjoys easy access from all directions through 100-Feet wide roads. Under Islamabad’s 2020 Master Plan, the CDA is upgrading the Kurri Road, Malot Road, and Simply Dam Road to 200 feet boulevards. This will add up to the convenience of the residents of Park View Islamabad.


NOC Status of Park View City:

Park View City Islamabad is legally authorized by Capital Development Authority, which is a government-owned department responsible for Islamabad’s town services. This housing society was granted a legal NOC by CDA on 1st June 2018.

Park View City Islamabad Features and Amenities:

Park View City is an impeccable community that came into existence with proper planning to facilitate its investor to the fullest. Purchasing in Park View City Islamabad is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Let’s have a look at the list of the amenities the plan has for blocks at Park View Islamabad. 

Imax Cinemas:

Park View City Islamabad is famous as a luxurious housing society for a reason. The IMAX and 3D cinemas have boosted the level of enjoyment.

Commercial Zones:

Living in Park View Islamabad sounds much more feasible with all the biggest brands in its commercial zones. Choosing this housing society will make shopping less hectic and more enjoyable.

Recreational Gardens:

Park View City Plan includes zoos, parks, and other recreational activities as an element of entertainment for all age groups.

Club & Community Centre:

The lavish community has unmatchable clubs and community centers where you can enjoy various indoor and outdoor sports. The residents will get the opportunity to bury their stress by enjoying bowling, snooker, cricket, tennis, golf, and swimming.


Concerning the healthcare of its residents, Park View Islamabad plans to construct a specially designed hospital with modern-day equipment and the latest technology.


Educational institutes and schools are an integral part of the Park View City plan. For the feasibility of the residents, these institutes will be built in residential blocks at a minimum distance. The developers have decided to build the newest branch of the National School which will be operated under the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation owned by the Vision Group.


The significance and religious values of mosques can’t be overlooked by this extraordinary housing scheme. Park View City Islamabad plans to build beautiful mosques in the society.

Gated Community:

Park View Islamabad is a secure and fully gated community. To increase protection this housing society has boundary wall coverings on all of its sides.

Gas, Water, and Electric Supply:

Everyone wants to live in a place where there is no load shedding of gas, water, and electricity. This makes Park View City your dream residential area, as they are promising a 24-hour supply of water, gas, and electricity. Park View City will have its electric power plant to make the housing scheme a load-shedding-free zone.

Underground Electricity Supply:

Park View Islamabad benefits from the underground electricity supply. This helps tackle the problem of power outages and safety concerns. No doubt, the underground supply helps preserve the aesthetic beauty of PVC.

24/7 Surveillance:

Security is an utmost priority of the developers which is why the CCTV cameras are installed throughout the complex.

Modern Infrastructure:

Park View City Islamabad takes benefits from its lush green natural surroundings. High-rise buildings and elegant housing plans add appeal to its hype. High-rise buildings and elegant housing plans add appeal to its hype.

Installment Plan:

Park View Islamabad stretches across the land of 7000 Kanal which includes various residential and commercial blocks. The installment and payment plan of PVC Islamabad has been designed comprehensively for the assistance of its buyers.

The Park View Islamabad Installment and Payment Plan are fairly flexible which varies with the different property types and locations in blocks. The commercial and residential blocks in Park View City Islamabad are as follows:

Residential Plots:

Commercial Plots:

You can reserve any plot with a down payments of 20%. The expenses are spread over specific periods to provide ease to the investors in monthly or quarterly instalments.

Park View City Overseas Block:

Park View City Islamabad is a charismatic housing project with excellent amenities for everyone. The Overseas Block is an exclusive addition to the housing scheme which is increasing the popularity of PVC. It has all the international features to ensure that overseas Pakistanis face no difficulty after relocating. 

Pondering over the demands of overseas Pakistanis’ who were seeking an identity and a safe place to invest in Pakistan, Park View City developers felt it necessary to introduce this new block. Overseas block offers great business opportunities apart from grand residences which is a package worth the investment.

At present, it is being constructed as per International Housing Standard. There is no reason to doubt this block’s success.

Park View City Overseas Block Location:

The prime areas of Park View City near Gate 1 are chosen for the Overseas block. The commercial downtown is near the overseas block, giving various investment opportunities and a luxurious lifestyle.

Park View City Overseas Block Payment Plan:

Park View City overseas block offers different sizes of plots, which include 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots. Currently, 5 Marla and 10 Marla Residential plots are being offered with an initial installment of 3 years.

5 Marla:

Total price: Rs. 7,500,000 

Down payment (25%): Rs. 1,875,000

Balance Payment: Rs. 5,625,000 

4 Quarterly Installments: Rs. 703,125

Membership fee: Rs. 7,500

10 Marla:

Total price: Rs. 12,500,000 

Down payment (25%): Rs. 3,125,000

Balance Payment: Rs. Rs. 9,375,000 

4 Quarterly Installments: Rs. 703,125 

Membership fee: Rs. 15,00

1 Kanal:

Total Price: Rs. 30,000,000

Down payment (25%): Rs. 7,500,000

Balance Payment: Rs. 22,500,000

4 Quarterly Installments: Rs. 2,812,500 

Membership fee: Rs. 25,000

Amenities in Overseas Block:

Numerous facilities are offered at the overseas block to ensure the requirements of the residents get fulfilled. These include:

Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate:

Park View City Islamabad has recently launched the Golf Estate which is the name of elegance and comfort where you can have the best residing experience. The Golf Estate offers a unique scenic living environment. It can be accessed from Gate 2 of the community.

Golf Estate brings residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

5 Marla:

Total Price: Rs. 8,500,000

Down payment (25%): Rs. 2,125,000

Balance Payment: Rs. 6,375,000

8 Quarterly Installments: Rs. 796,875 

Membership fee: Rs. 7,500 

10 Marla:

Total Price: Rs. 16,000,000

Down payment (25%): Rs. 4,000,000

Balance Payment: Rs. 12,000,000

8 Quarterly Installments: Rs. 1,500,000 

Membership fee: Rs. 15,000

1 Kanal:

Total Price: Rs. 35,000,000

Down payment (25%): Rs. 8,750,000

Balance Payment: Rs. 26,250,000

8 Quarterly Installments: Rs. 3,281,250 

Membership fee: Rs. 25,000

Booking Procedure At Park View Islamabad:

The booking procedure at PVC Islamabad is entirely based on a first-come-first-serve. Currently, plots of 5,8,10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal are available at Park View City. 

If you’re planning to book a plot for yourself at Park View Islamabad, all you need to do to get registered is follow these simple steps: 

First you’ll communicate with our Asset Manager to discuss your real estate investment interest. 

An asset manager provides all the information about the booking process.

Fill out the booking form and provide 2 passport-size photos, a photocopy of your CNIC or NICOP, and a copy of your nominee’s ID card. 

Upon successful filling of the form, the buyer just has to, attach a demand draft or pay the order. For payment procedures, our property advisor can guide you.

The demand draft will be received by the PVC directly.

Free Consultation:

Buying a property isn’t as easy as it might sound, it demands digging into the details and a lot of research. PVC Islamabad benefits from its rich green natural surroundings, multiple road access, and infrastructural developments. 

The investor must focus on the paperwork, document verification, and authorization of NOC. You need to check out all the CDA documents twice and get permission from authorities to ensure that you’re investigating a legal project. 

Park View Islamabad relieves you from all security concerns with its CDA documentation, legal NOC, and planning permission. This explains the increasing attraction of myriad investors from home and abroad.

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FAQs about Park View City:

Question 1: What is Park View City?

Park View City is an outstanding Housing Scheme in Islamabad which defines serenity, luxury, and convenience.

Question 2: What is the Location of Park View Islamaba?

Park View City is ideally located in Zone IV on Malot Road of Islamabad, which enables it to connect with the main city via various major roads.

Question 3: Who are the owners of Park View City?

This creative housing society is a project of the Vision Group, owned by Mr. Aleem Khan.

Question 4: Is Park View City Islamabad legally authorised?

Yes, CDA has approved Park View City Islamabad. It has granted PVC planning permission and a legal NOC.

Question 5: What Plot are sizes available in Park view Islamabad?

Residential Plots 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 & 2 Kanal are available in the society. Commercial plots of 6 & 8 Marla are available in PVC.

Question 6: How many blocks are there in Park View Islamabad?

In Park View Islamabad, 5 Marla plots are available in blocks A, B, F, J, and K, on the other hand10 Marla plots are in blocks A, B, F, H, and I. Block B, C, E, F, N, and M consists of 1 Kanal plot.

Question 7: Does PVC have an installment plan?

Yes, Park View City offers a 2-year installment plan for the ease and convenience of its investors.

Question 8: When will be the possession of plots given to its investors in Park View Pakistan?

For the developed blocks the possession of blocks is given to its investors.

Question 9: Can a Pakistani living abroad buy a plot in Park View City?

Yes, Pakistanis living abroad can purchase in Park View City without trouble.

Question 10: What are the facilities offered by Park View Islamabad?

Numerous facilities are offered by the community including, 24/7 security, water availability, and much more.


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