Business Plan


What is a Business Plan:

Business plans are often used to get funding or as a guide for growing a business.

“Proper business planning demands that you focus on the self-interest of the customer at all times.”

A real estate joint endeavor business is a business that includes at least two real estate businesses pooling their assets and mastery to accomplish a specific objective or foster a real estate project. In a Joint endeavor business, the dangers and prizes of the venture are likewise shared.
The joint endeavor business model permits real estate administrators (people with broad experience overseeing real estate projects) to work with real estate capital suppliers (elements that can supply capital for a real estate project).

What We Offer:
ZoomLine Marketing is not just offering real estate transaction services. We are also providing services to our clients like property management, business plan etc.

Market Analysis:
Marketing Analysis is very significant for all types of industries. Our professional team is available to provide service of market analysis, current situation, development of projects, and also analysis of the real estate industry.

Market Strategy:
This section describes a client base strategy through which we guide our clients on how to maximize the profit on their investment and can get high returns on their investment. The part likewise explains publicizing and promoting effort plans and the sorts of media those missions will utilize.